Bonhoeffer book

I spent many hours (approximately 24) listening to the Bonhoeffer book by Eric Mataxes.  I learned much about Bonhoeffer and much about the goings on in Nazi Germany.

Hitler seemed to have been as close to a purely evil human as one can get.  Yet looking at my own sinfulness . . . . .  ‘there but for the grace of God go I”.

We reportedly have many, many evil despots in the world today.  But I wonder if we secretly would like someone to kill them  instead of ask a loving God save them?   And still  have we once prayed for God to save their souls?  In the eyes of a holy God the despots are no more evil or sinful than I, yet for some reason I think I am more worthy and deserving of the sacrifice of Jesus than they.  I seldom pray for God to work in the lives of the terrorists, but Jesus died for them too.

Getting back to the book. . . . if in the same circumstance would I plot to kill a killer or simply give tacit consent for the attrocities because I am too scared for my own life and the lives of others to stand up for what is right?


Still thinking of music/worship

I guess much has been written and researched on music and worship.  But is there a Biblical principle that can be harvested as a guide for ‘what kind of music is appropriate’?

God gives us regulations for worship (see Cain and Abel, the Book of Leviticus, Isaiah, Nadab and Abihu among others) so we know there is a right way and a wrong way to worship.  Do these regulations include music?  Is it just in the heart or in the instuments or in the lyrics??

Some say ‘real worship’ requires an organ/piano.  Some says that’s too old fashioned.

Are electric guitars and drums the new piano and organ??

Still working on it.

Proper combination of God’s work and man’s work

I’ve been pondering this question for several years and still have not come up with a satisfying answer.  The question is “how much of life is dependence on God and allowing Him to work in my life AND how much is me doing all I can with what I have?”

As I study the Bible and listen to podcasts like ‘the white horse inn’ I am convinced of my inadequacy in accomplishing anything.  I am so inseparable from sin, and sin affects me so much that NOTHING I have or am is up to the standard set by God.

I, also am created in God’s image and likeness and so have some goodness in me.  It is not ‘godness’ or ‘a piece of God’ but it is something that makes me different from all other creatures in the universe.

I guess one major part of this is ‘what exactly is meant by ‘made in the image of God”?

Do I have enough ‘imago dei’ for me to push myself hard and accomplish great things?????

If I can do nothing (because of sin) why should I do anything??  If I am so inherently sinful can I do anything for God???  Aren’t all my good deeds like ‘filthy rags’ before God.

Still working on it.

When is music worship?

Having a discussion with a friend about attending a ‘praise and worship’ service at a parachurch organization brought up several ideas to ponder and questions to try to answer.  When is the music worship and when is it all glorifying to God??

Is it all God glorifying if the musicians are using thier gifts and talents to the best of their abilities to point people to God.

What if ‘I’ am not moved emotionally and others are??  Is it worship.

God has certain stipulations for worship of Him (see Nadab and Abihu (1 Kings 15:25ff)), is an an outpouring of emotion from me automatically necessitate an outpouring of the Holy Spirit??  How do you know??

Who is Jesus?

In my Bible classes we are studying the Gospel of Matthew.  In Matt. 16 Jesus asks his disciple, “who do the people say I am?”  So I started wondering if Jesus was that confusing when he told us who he truly is.  It seems to me he was pretty clear.  Sure we need to use a little investigation to understand exactly how all the ‘person of Christ’ and the ‘trinity’ and the ‘soverereignty of God/resposibility of man’ stuff works.  But I am a firm believer in the premise ‘If God wanted us to know certain things, He would be pretty clear about it’.

Yes, many things are a mystery, but we also can know many things about God.  I sure think much of that which God wants us to know He made it clear enough for us to know, otherwise it confusing and somewhat unknowable, and I don’t think that’s the way God works.