Bonhoeffer book

I spent many hours (approximately 24) listening to the Bonhoeffer book by Eric Mataxes.  I learned much about Bonhoeffer and much about the goings on in Nazi Germany.

Hitler seemed to have been as close to a purely evil human as one can get.  Yet looking at my own sinfulness . . . . .  ‘there but for the grace of God go I”.

We reportedly have many, many evil despots in the world today.  But I wonder if we secretly would like someone to kill them  instead of ask a loving God save them?   And still  have we once prayed for God to save their souls?  In the eyes of a holy God the despots are no more evil or sinful than I, yet for some reason I think I am more worthy and deserving of the sacrifice of Jesus than they.  I seldom pray for God to work in the lives of the terrorists, but Jesus died for them too.

Getting back to the book. . . . if in the same circumstance would I plot to kill a killer or simply give tacit consent for the attrocities because I am too scared for my own life and the lives of others to stand up for what is right?


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