What is art??

A group of friends and I met together for breakfast and the topic of conversation was, ‘what makes good art’?  So we all added thougts on the subject and here are some of the thoughts and questions:

What makes good art??

What is art?  How does one define art?  Is art one of those few things that defies definition?

If art is a part of our being in the image of God, and God showed his creativity by speaking things into existence, does all that God created have a function?  And if it does, does all we create need to have a funtion also??

Does art have morality or portray morality?  Must it portray morality for it to be art?

In the realm of literature, what is it about evangelicalism that stops creative writers from writing from a Christian perspective?  Are there any new C.S. Lewises or Tolkien?  And if not, why not??

Why is there a great deficiency in modern substantive literature??



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