Are we all being dumbed down?

It seems as though as one looks for ‘geniuses’ in our world today they are few and far between.  Is it possible that our genetic code is degrading so much that the ‘genius’ of today would barely be seen as anything but slightly smarter than anyone else (not exceptional at all).  Or is it that true ‘geniuses’ are so rare in the annuls of history that there have truly only been a small handful of them??  If this is the case should we be looking for ‘geniuses’ anyway or should we do the best we can and see how God blesses us and gives fruit for our efforts??

Is our society so dumbed down that instead of a few being ‘above average’ the rest of us are really just below where we should be??  I know I am not a genius, but could it be I am further below genius than I want to admit? 

Is it even important to be a genius or should that kind of labeling just be thrown out??  Should we not do the best we can and hope we are having an impact for the Kingdom?

Was Thomas Aquinas or John Calvin or Martin Luther or Augustine geniuses or just average people doing not-so-average things??  Does everyone need to be a genius to impact the Kingdom??  Are there any theological geniuses today that can be looked up to??


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