All Christians are not alike

I was thinking about non-Christians with whom I have talked and pondering their attitude toward Christianity.  Many of them have said that they saw a ‘Christian’ on TV who got into financial trouble (Jim Baker) or moral trouble (Jimmy Swaggart).  And because they are supposed to be ‘more ethical’ than everyone else and these guys ‘sinned’ that must mean all Christians are hypocrites and Christianity is a sham.  First of all there is some logical fallacy being used here (but to be honest I don’t quite know which one).  But another thought came to me using the example of a restaurant.  If you go to a restaurant that serves say Italian food and you get horrible service and the food is attrocious do you then cease from going to any Italian restaurants???  Just because one thing did not meet your expectation does not mean you should throw the ‘baby out with the bathwater’. 

One Christian in the spot light who does some bad things does not mean all Christians swindle people out of their money or sleep around. I personally believe those who are not accepting of Christianity were probably looking for an excuse not to investigate any further.