Dependence on God

It seems interesting to that in the ‘old days’ of the USA we were trained to be self-sufficient and independent.  We are told to think for ourselves and ‘pick yourself by your own bootstraps’, and need noone do everything by yourself.  We are told that it is weak to ask for help (especially guys needing driving directions or reading assembly manuals).  Rugged individualism and the pioneer spirit were hailed as the best model for all people.

BUT is this Biblical??  It seems to me God wants us to not just go to him for help but be totally dependent on Him.  It’s wrong live ‘ when all else fails, pray’.  God wants us to live a life so dependent on him that we are constantly speaking to him for guidance and input.  He wants us to be in constant communication with him, so all actions and thoughts are filtered through the grid of God’s word and promises.

God does not want us to be independent but totatlly dependent on him.


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