Technology, teaching, and the history of the Church

I am very excited about some new information received about using technology (laptops, websites, blogs, etc.) to improve my teaching and hopefully ultimately improve the student’s learning.

For years I have wondered about the way that students learn in relationship to the method of teaching I use.  I am well aware that having the students take out paper notebooks at the beginning of a class period and speaking information for them to write down is not very effective.  I have had the impression for many years that they write down notes and then forget about the info until test time.  I kept telling myself ‘there has to be a better way’.  I was just at a loss as to what that better way is.  

The new training received recently has filled in some of the gaps where I was at a loss for improvement.  The new training has much more student participation and input on any given subject.  The students will be required to look on a laptop for lesson instructions and links to websites for perusal and question answering.  There is much more but this will have to do for now.

I was am constantly thinking ‘how can I be a better teacher?’  Maybe this blending class paradigm (combining computer technology and traditional classroom is the answer.  At least I am hoping it is part of the answer.  My goal is to be the best teacher I poss


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