I figured out the smart phone thing!!!

I have pondered for quite a while the reason for students in my school (and I am assuming other schools as well) to be SOOOOO attached to their smart phones. Questions run through my mind like: Why do they have those things out ALL THE TIME (even when they are told to put them away); Why as soon as the bell rings do the children pull out their phone?? What is so important that they MUST have a phone in school??? Is their life so busy that they cannot go 45 minutes withouts looking at them???
I have often made the statement that the students today do not have 2 hands, they have one hand and one thing with a phone in it that is close to needing to be surgically removed for them to separate from their ‘precious’.
I think I have an answer to many of these questions, at least they help me understand the attraction a little better. So here is my analysis, there are four reasons why I think they children cannot be without their phones.

1. Our inherent phycological desire for significance. I believe all of us humans are driven by a need to be significant in our own little world. We want ‘warm fuzzies’ as much as we can get them. We want to know that we were put on this earth to make a difference and not just exist. Studies have shown that when people see they have a like on Facebook their brain releases endorphins that make that person feel good. We NEED to have significance and having a phone with instant access to people’s responses to our postings makes us feel significant.

2. Our human obsession with distraction. We can be and are so busy that we have no time in a day, a week, a month, or even a year for self-reflection. I believe we are afraid of the inadequacies we will find when we take time for self-examination. We do not like to look inward and see ‘who we are’ or ‘what we are like’. We would rather be distracted than have a quiet time to reflect. Our phones are a way for us to easily put away those ideas of pondering and wondering.

I will finish the last 2 reasons for smart phones next time.

Have a God blessed day and a better blessed tomorrow.