Where in the world (or the history of the Church) does one begin?? (part 1)

When pondering the length, depth, and breadth of issues, topics, people, events, movements, heresies, and world views that are involved in a study of Church History one’s mind spins.  The discussion points seem endless and therefore overwhelming.  Yet it is my conviction and for the last couple of decades now my lifelong endeavor to learn as much as I can about these topics to better understand how God has worked in the lives of His people to further His kingdom.

Having said all that, I suppose a good way to start a series of postings on how the Church developed is to address the questions, ‘Why study Church History at all?’  Here are several reasons:

1.      To learn from other’s mistakes.  All of us mess up, but thankfully most of us do not put our mistakes in print for all to read for the rest of time (although with social media that is a distinct possibility).  We can take the opportunities of reading those who have gone before us and wrestle with their understanding of theology.  Many of them believed the wrong things and now we can ponder their mistakes and learn from their bad theology.

More tomorrow.


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