I’m considering changing my terminology

I honestly get it.  Many people DO NOT like to study Church History.  Hopefully it falls under the same category as mathematics or science or art.  By that I mean all people have subjects that do not interest them.  So I understand that this blog is not for everyone, but this is more for me to put down my thoughts, not necessarily for a lot of people to read.

So I use the term ‘Church History’ to write about the history and theology of Christianity.  Many people cringe when one uses the term ‘Church History’.  It scares them away from any discussion about events and topics of Christianity.  So as I was listening to a podcast discussing Church History, a college professor and author said that he uses the term ‘Church Family’ because of the other term scaring people away.  I have been pondering this for a while and am contemplating using a different terminology.  When I taught High School Bible the department head preferred the term ‘Development of the Church’ because of his thinking that ‘Church History’ had too much baggage with it.

I have not decided yet on the term I will use.  I have considered using ‘Development of the Church’ but am not sure about that.  I have also considered ‘History of the Christian Community’, but this seems too wordy.  Some other ideas are:  ‘Covenant Community History’ and ‘Christian History’ or Historical Theology’.  None of them seem to fit the idea I want to portray, so I will be using ‘Church History’ until I decide on a better term.  I will probably use several of them for a while and see how they roll off my tongue.

The main thing is to discuss something that interests me, while not scaring off people who may be intrigued by the topics.


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