What about those pesky Middle Ages?

How did those in the Middle Ages (roughly AD 500 to 1500) show THEIR allegiance to Jesus.  As we have seen, different eras show dedication to Jesus in different ways.  Obviously each era has various ways of showing allegiance to God (not all people followed in the predominant idea), but there are somewhat overriding ways that can be seen by a large portion of the Christian community.  Not everyone did the same thing, but many did.

During the Middle Ages there was an increase in studying the Bible and researching the writings of the early Christian writers.  This movement was called Scholasticism.  Christians were now able to read more, study more, speculate more, and write more on the the topics of religion.  Many people entered a monastery or convent in order to separate themselves so they could spend hours per day reading scripture and the early thinkers.  They were convinced (correctly I might add) that God wanted them to study, and study, and study.

In this era we get the great thinkers and writers for Christianity like:  Thomas Aquinas, St. Anselm and many others.  Most of these will be written about later, but the point is that many people had the passion for research and reading to unravel the mysteries of the Christian faith.  There are seemingly endless writings to propose the biblical ideas.   Great strides were made in theology and philosophy that are read and ponder even to our day.

During the Middle Ages (I HATE calling them the Dark Ages) followers of Jesus went to great lengths (some dedicating all of their adult lives)  to studying, and reasoning to show allegiance and dedication to Jesus.


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