So what came after ‘Scholasticism’?

So far and in summary we have looked at 4 ways that Christians in particular era showed the predominant expression of dedication to Jesus:  Martyrdom, Monasticism, Murder (The Crusades), and Scholasticism.  The final one that takes place after the Protestant Reformation and can still be seen today is what I call ‘Pietism’.

Their seems to have been a shift after Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis on the door at Wittenburg from immersing oneself in endless study of theology to a less academic emphasis to a more personal piety.  Scholasticism appeared to have stressed more of the learning and writing aspect of Christianity and less of the transformation of the sinner to saint.  I understand this is very much an oversimplification, but the point hear is the decrease of emphasis by the pietists of academics.  They were lesson concerned with how much you know and more concerned with how much you have changed your living.  It almost can be seen as more stress on orthopraxy and less stress on orthodoxy.

I will admit that this era is a lot more vague, but I still see it as a real area where followers of Jesus expressed their allegiance by ‘being holy’ instead of ‘thinking holy’.


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