Shall we go back to proving allegiance for a second and ask SO WHAT????

Having reread my earlier posts I came to the conclusion that I never addressed the SO WHAT of the discussion on showing or proving one’s allegiance to Jesus.  The SO WHAT for us (or at least for me) is ‘how do I show Jesus my allegiance and devotion today, in America AD 2015?  I believe this is a question all followers of Jesus (and for that matter all followers of any spiritual leader) must ask.  I do not think it is a one time question either.  It seems to me to be something that should be asked over and over throughout one’s life.

I know that when this question is asked in Sunday School (do churches still have Sunday School?) the typical grade school answers are: read your Bible and pray every day, and go to church at least three times per week.  And the next question I have to ask is, is this all I have to do to show my allegiance to Jesus? Should there not be something else?  What about sharing my faith? Or being more holy (for God is holy)? Or increasing in my knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ? Or helping the disenfranchised?  Or selling all I have to give to the poor? Or praying and fasting?  Or does true, pure Christianity include ALL of these but is much, much more????

I am still working on this one, but it seems to me allegiance to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ means AT LEAST these mentioned above, plus other things, that I will ponder and contemplate.

So the SO WHAT for the discussion of tracing Jesus’ followers’ concepts of devotion and allegiance to their Savior is that we need to comprehend the biblical understanding of devotion and assess whether we are conforming to what the Bible says. Or are we simply doing what we THINK is correct and not getting stressed about the difficult part because God loves us and I am going to heaven anyway, so who cares.  How important is it to live a pleasing life for our creator and redeemer????


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