How does one blog about The History of the Church in an comprehensible manner?

As I consider the enormity of the information contained in 2000 years of Church History, covering all continents on the planet I have struggled with this question:  Do I make my blog posts random or have some sequence to them.

What is the pattern of most readers of blogs?

I am assuming most readers will not read the posts on a regular basis and therefore not need to have a sequence of posts.  Especially if the posts come once or twice per week, the reader probably will not be able to remember the subject from post to post.  So they truly do not need to have a particular series of posts, for the readers will not really be paying attention to the order. I also feel like if they are random I can revisit some topics and give greater clarity and focus on some aspect of that topics that may have not been addressed previously.  Having taught Church History for several years and having a personality that likes (but is not obsessed with order and sequence), I have the inner urge for the posts to go from AD 100 and then many, many years from now end with AD 2015ish.

Drawbacks to the sequential approach to examining history

Obviously there is a plethora of reasons why a sequential approach to blog posting is not recommended.  In relation to posting them from AD 100 for the earlier postings and ending with AD 2015ish being the last posting – approach is ridiculous.  The blog theoretically is endless to there is no time when I will reach AD 2015ish.  So this would mean that much of the history and theology that happened in the 20th and 21 centuries would never be addressed.  So realistically the systematic approach is unrealistic.  Most comments will be about the early church and none about the later church, which is not only tragic but stupid.

There is one other issue that comes to mind when considering what approach to take.   Since this blog is used to express my thoughts about my passion for Church History, as I read and discuss subjects with individuals in my own life, some questions or comments will inevitably come up that makes me rethink my opinion.  So as I talk with others and contemplate this new information, I will blog about it and attempt to get feedback from my readers to further my understanding of issues.

What have I decided

As I said earlier, I have to fight the urge to be systematic in my approach.  But after thinking through this issue while writing this blog, I believe the best tactic to take is to be random concerning the topics addressed on this blog.  The information held within the blog will be systematic, but each blog posting will only be related because of the nature of the blog itself, being that of  discussing Church History.  So the next blog could be about any person or idea from any era of the history of the Church.


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