Stop, Read, Think, and Be Amazed

Stop, Read, Think, and Be Amazed

It’s Christmas, What’s Really Important

     As I write this, it is Christmas Day, 2017.  We have had some of our gift opening all ready (we do it at our house a few days before Christmas because we travel out of town for Christmas Day, and we had the majority of gift unwrapping on Christmas Eve at my in-law’s house).  We still have to travel to one of my brother’s house and visit with him and his family, then travel to a church to celebrate with aunts, uncles, and cousins, then finally to a family friend’s house to hang out and eventually fix a Christmas Dinner.  It’s very busy.  Good and encouraging, but busy.  As I think about the season, I stop to consider what’s really important during the Christmas season.  Of course friends and family are important, but I wonder if the mystery of the incarnation gets lost in the busy schedule.

The Mystery of the Incarnation

     If you  stop to think about it, The Incarnation (Jesus becoming a human) is one of the great mysteries in all of history.  How and why did the God who created the universe out of nothing choose to become a human (take on human flesh) and live on this earth??  God, who spoke the universe into existence knew the rebellion in the hearts of people (The Shadow is not the only one to know what evil lurks in the hearts of men),  and though His justice and holiness demanded punishment for that rebellion (sin), He Himself took on the object of that punishment and suffered the wrath meant for humans.  In my way of thinking God could have chosen to let every single person spend eternity without Him, but because of His love He could not allow that.  The second person of the Triune God (Jesus) was the one who became flesh and took on that punishment.

     I try to take time out of my busy days, weeks, months to considered what it took for God and Jesus to do this miracle.  I honestly will never understand the full extent of God’s love for His creation, but it is good to ponder it anyway.  It is difficult often to ‘be still, and know that I am God’ (obviously ‘I’ is not me but God).  Our lives get so busy we forget to s-l-ow d-o-w-n and think about God.  I am encouraging us all to ponder the mystery of the incarnation.  Our lives need a time of rest (maybe on the day of the week we meet to worship Him).  We all need to about God and the things of God more often.  Maybe we should take some clues from the monks of old and make time daily for God.

Just a little reminder and encouragement

     Take time to think about God.  Take time to read His word and know His mind better.  Take time to ponder the mystery of Jesus Incarnation.  Take time to love family and friends, and be an encouragement to those around you.

Merry Christmas

Good Day and God Bless

Let me know what you do for Christmas time and the things you do to ponder God.