How about Church History???

Should followers of Jesus study Church History at all?? Some say all we need is the Bible, the Spirit and our own understanding and we will know what God wants us to know and how to live our lives. I agree we do need God’s Word (both living, Jesus, and written, The Bible) to understand what He wants for our lives. BUT I believe to be the most well rounded follower that one can be, at least a rudimentary understanding of the history of the Church is needed.
Since God works through people and events in history we should attempt to acknowledge this and investigate how those followers responded to their surroundings while simultaneously attempting to stay true to their beliefs.

More later.


God and the laws of logic

I was answering questions from my Bible students the other day and one asked a very interesting question about God’s abilities.  Can God break the laws of logic??  My initial answer was of course not. I mean, after all, God cannot make something exist and not exist at the same time (sorry Schroedinger).  1 will never equal 2 or one cannot make a round square or a square circle.

But then I thought, doesn’t the Incarnation break the laws of logic.  God became a man.  The infinite became finite.  The God of eternal life, died.  The Son is 100% God and 100% man.  So I will continue to think through this and ponder the ideas.